Saturday, May 18, 2013

my heart will trust in You...

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my heart will trust in You...
when i feel like i don't have the strength to trust
when i'm feeling happy 
when i'm feeling sad 
when life is hard 
when i'm reaping Your blessings
when i'm in the middle of the trials of life
when i feel like i'm going down the right path
when i'm unsure of Your will for my life 
when people doubt me 
when people are supporting me 
my heart will trust in You because You are my strength, my everything, my Savior, and my deliverer.
my heart will trust in You...

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  1. I so love this one. I find it in times where I am down and blue that I turn to God the most. When I should turn to him no matter what the case may be.

    you're showing up now in my blogger dashboard now. :D


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