Sunday, June 2, 2013


I finally did it. My first vlog!

Happy Birthday She Reads Truth! So thankful for this website and all of the truth I have learned from it! If you haven't checked it out yet, I totally recommend it!



  1. You are so beautiful inside & out!!! I am so excited that your vlog linked back to your blog!! I am going to tell my daughters about you! What a great role model you are!! Your life & words point to Christ! ( oh & by the way I loved your earrings)

  2. this was awesome!!! thanks lauren ;)

  3. Okay so not only are you super pretty but you have such a beautiful heart!!! It totally just shines out of you when you speak. Love it :) you should definitely do more vlogs! Happy Sunday sweet girl!

  4. I love your blog! I found such encouragement in what you had to say about she reads truth, I will definitely be checking your blog out some more :) Check out a blog for women, that me and one other friend are doing together here--

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    Thanks so much.

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  6. How beautiful! I agree you should do more vlogs! You had so many good things to say, thanks for sharing.
    Nannette, a.k.a. Candace Jo

  7. First of all, I vote you do more of these since I absolutely loved watching the whole thing!! Second, I agree with Francesca your a beauty! Third, I was so inspired by this video to really become more intentional with my quiet time with Jesus this week, I love how you said "your following in love with it." I need to look into she reads truth, you really have got me sold on it!! Sounds like an amazing reading plan! Love you!! So thankful for you Lauren! <3

    1. *falling NOT following {darn auto correct!!}

  8. Of course you should do more vlogs! :) Thanks for getting in front of the camera for the SRT linkup. So glad to hear some of your story and so glad you are a part of this community. xo

  9. So are you excited? :) She Reads Truth absolutely changed my life too. I didn't know how to dive into the Word after I accepted Jesus into my heart a year ago, and SRT was a God send (literally!) and I have loved every single plan! I loved your vlog, you're just lovely. I missed Nehemiah, but I'm off to start 1 Peter right now! Blessings!

  10. I love the vlog hun and you look Gorgeous. :D What's the devotion with Nehemiah called exactly? Or did I miss something. Sorry... I enjoy your blog and you've been some major help to me on some things and I thank you for that.


  11. Yay!! you did it!! :) I'm so proud;) miss talking to you girlfriend!


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