Sunday, September 29, 2013

i am grateful...

The Weekly I AM GRATEFUL Link Up with A Girl Smitten
Well guys, it has been a while hasn't it? How much longer can I use the "22 credits" excuse? Probably not too long. But I really do miss you guys! Reading your e-mails, comments, and posts make my day! Especially in those moments where the stress of school can get a little over whelming! Thank you for being an amazing set of readers and being so understanding in this time of transition. So I thought I would link up with Sarah from A Girl Smitten again! She is the best and I have been reading her blog since my very first blogging days. You definitely have to check her out if you haven't! So without further or do.....
1. These Girls 
The Lord has blessed me with some amazingly priceless roommates! Can I say it enough? No, I truly can't. Each and every one of these women have an amazing heart for the Lord. With women like this, I am definitely creating friendships that will last a lifetime! Just expect to see more and more of these ladies in the future! So grateful for Hannah, Nicole, Ariel, Jessica, and Emily! 

2. This Night 
I remember clearly the moment that God softened my heart for worship ministry. Everything else faded away and all I wanted to do was to sing as loud as I could. I remember that is was while I was singing "Cannons" by Phil Wickham. Phil Wickham as some a-ma-zing worship songs. His newest album "The Ascension' just came out this Tuesday. He had a CD release concert at a church only 30 minutes away from my school so the some of the roommates got to go! It was unbelievable! Phil is phenomenal live and his new album is just awesome! Check it out here!  (Do you think I will be forgiven for skipping class? Hehe.) 

3. This Place
So 4 weeks have passed and I still can't believe that I live here. I have had so much joy, walking around  my campus finding all the little places to read my Bible and do homework. 

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  1. I can't imagine blogging in college--I know I always got majorly worn out by how many essays my classes required, so I think the credits are definitely a good excuse!


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