Wednesday, September 11, 2013

joy in the ordinary...

*breathe in...breathe out* *breathe in...out*

well, hello friends. i can easily say, i couldn't be happier to be writing this post. why? because i'm writing it as i sit in my bible college coffee shop. wait.

yup. that's right. after a two hour car ride filled with good-bye texts, heavy thoughts and prayer, i made it.  i received my key and began to move in to my new home. 

this next week was filled with orientations, syllabi, roommates, and signing up for classes. for whatever reason, the Lord called me to take 22 credits this semester. (pray for me.)

let me just say, i have one of the most beautiful campuses ever. i have lived here for over 2 weeks now and i still can't believe it. but i will let the picture do the talking.

last week was filled with firsts. first day of classes. first meeting for my new job. first paper due. (way too soon i might add) and the first time everything set in. everything became much more real and i was stricken with fear and uncertainty.

new places. new people. new things. new chapters. new life. it is a lot to take in at one time.

but. the Lord is in control. for whatever reason, He has called me here right now. He has called me to be sitting at His feet and listening. Not doubting, not fearing, not question.

in these moments of fear, i have to know that He has a plan, He has a purpose, and that He will provide. I have also discovered to find joy in the ordinary. 

finding joy in hectic days.
finding joy when it is 77 degrees and i am able to study outside.
finding joy in the facetime dates and hour long phone calls.
finding joy in the amazing roommates the Lord has given me.
finding joy in non-home cooked meals.
finding joy in missing my family and friends.
finding joy in the long nights and early mornings.
finding joy in always feeling tired.
finding joy in the midnight trips to denny's with the roommates.
finding joy in the peace He has placed in my heart.
finding joy in the unknown future.
finding joy in my beautiful and wonderful Savior.


  1. Wow, your campus really is beautiful! I am glad to hear that you are settling in well! This post makes me miss college

  2. Love that you are constantly trying to find positivity and joy in all of life's situations! You're an inspiration girl :) College is so exciting and I'm glad you get to have such a good experience there! I'll be prayin' for ya love!

  3. Oh my gosh, congratulations!!! I am so excited for you :) This is going to be such a neat journey.

  4. What a beautiful campus! So glad you are finding joy among all the newness!!

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  6. What a beautiful campus wow! What a great reminder to find the joy in everything! I found you through a comment on Instagram actually! Crazy! A lovely post girl!


  7. Yesss you certainly ARE an inspiration to me my dear. Change can be so hard, but the second we fox our eyes on Jesus and remind ourselves that were doing this all for Him is the second where fear withers away. Praying for you and your 22 credits! You will do amazing, I already know it! Where is your new job at? Somewhere on campus? Send me an email updating me on your life if you have time, I'd love to hear from you! If not, no worries girl. I know your so busy! Lots of love goin your way!
    Love always, Jess <3

    1. **Fix NOT fox... Darn autocorrect!! ;) haha

  8. Wow busy you with 22 credits! EnJOY the new and enJOY the firsts!!

  9. Oh fun! I remember my first time at college! That is a beautiful campus!


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