Sunday, April 28, 2013


Erin over at Sweetness Itself is a wonderful woman! I spent quite a bit of my weekend reading her posts, she's just amazing! She created this hashtag a while back to express the little things (or big things) you were thankful for, so I thought I may share some with you and make this a new series!

My dear sister in Christ Katie. She is a huge blessing to me and I love her so very much.

Currently On Repeat.....

The Lord knew I needed to read this at the perfect moment this morning, such a great verse. 

It's 82 degrees outside and I have two Christmas candles burning away......I clearly miss winter.....

Sweetness Itself Blog

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  1. I honestly needed this today. Because lately I just feel down. Thanks for saying you'll do a guest post. :D I always love your blog post


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