Sunday, March 24, 2013

10 Day Blogging Challenge! Day 7!

Four Turn Offs:
1.Facial Hair:This one works off of a case by case basis. Most of the time, its a no-no.
2.Style:While looks don't matter, you've got to have a nice sense of style. (A.K.A-no sagging pants!)
3. No Sense of Humor: I love to laugh, joke around, and have a good time. If don't get my sense of humor or don't have one yourself, it'll be awkward, trust me.
4. Meeting the Parents: It's always a good sign when your "significant other" gets along well with your family. If they don't approve, I probably won't either.

This was an odd prompt, but I still hope you guys enjoyed it! What are your turn-offs? Leave them in the comments!

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