Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Day Blogging Challenge! Day 8!

Three Turn Ons:
1. Be a Gentleman: I feel like this characteristic in men is dying. Open my door. Pull out my chair. It speaks volumes. 
2.Family Life:Family is super important to me and will continue to be once I'm married. Its important that my future husband has a good family life. 
3. A Relationship with Christ: I have said this before. I want my husband to love Christ way more then he loves me. I need someone who can be the spiritual leader of my household and help me raise children who will love the Lord.

On a similar note, many people ask me about the rings on my left hand. (I'm not married!)
They are my purity rings. I have made a commitment before God and my family to remain pure while I'm not married. This is extremely important to me. A Godly and Christ honoring marriage calls for self-control and abstinence. These rings are merely a reminder to myself and others around me that Christ is my first love and I wish to give Him glory even through my relationships and marriage. 

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  1. These are all great!

    A sad thing about "gentlemen" behaviors is that some men are actually afraid to make polite gestures these days. There are women who will snap at men for opening their door or pulling their chair out, thinking that it insults them. I think that's ridiculous.


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