Monday, June 17, 2013

hearing a call...

This blog is something really special, I has always felt that way. I could never explain it, I just always knew it. There is something priceless about hitting that "Publish" button, that comment, that follower, that reader, the whole thing. I thank God everyday for this blog. If you would have asked me a year ago about having a blog, I would have thought you were crazy. If you would have told me what a blessing it would be and how many amazing people I have met, I would have never believed you. This has been my place of reflection, where I run.

I read an amazing book this week. It is called "Called to Write: Biblical Truths for Authors and Bloggers". You can read it for FREE here! I seriously suggest all of you to read this book. There are some truly amazing quotes. It got me thinking about why I'm here. Why do I do what I do? And that was it, in that moment I felt so much peace. This is what God has called me to do. No matter how many people are listening, I will proclaim His name.

With all that being said, over the past month, the Lord has placed this blog heavily on my heart. I know now beyond the shadow of a doubt, this is where God has called me to be. My passion and my dream is right here. Here in these words, these relationships, successes, failures, and growth. I just want you guys to know how passionate I am about this blog. It brings me such joy to sit here and see how God has His fingerprints all over it.

"If we sow our writing into the soil of prayer and dedication, saturated in the desire to glorify God, He will bless our words and the fruit will be pure."

My Dear Heavenly Father, 
I don't know how to say it. Thank you so much for opening the door for this blog. I had no idea what You were going to do or where You were going to lead me. The journey so far as been better than anything I could imagine. I'm giving this blog up to You. If it succeeds, it will be because of You. Not by my words or efforts, just You. I asked that my Words will be Yours and not mine. Let these words encourage others and bring them even closer to You. I pray for every single person reading this. I pray that have a relationship with You. I hear Your call, I'm listening, I will follow You." 


  1. Such a lovely post :) I have visited amazon for this book so can't wait to get it..

    Hannah xx Squidoodles and oodles

  2. On my way to check that out now! Thanks for sharing this. I feel the same way!


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