Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Terrific Tuesday! (Devotions and Blogger Crushes)

The Austin Family Diary

Curious about what 4 sites I check on the regular? Wait no further...here they are!

Looking for a good devotion sent straight to your email? Here it is! I love these devotions. They challenge me to think about God's word in a totally different way and offer encouragement for the day ahead. I recommend ladies of any age to check this great site out!

I will admit. I have a total blogger crush. Lauren from Lauren Elizabeth is just perfect. Her cats are adorable, her decor is amazing, her posts are cunning and always make me laugh. Can I be her? Just for a second? No? Okay....

3.Sweetness Itself Blog
Another blogger crus. Erin is such a sweetheart! When I read her posts, it is like she is sitting right there talking to me over coffee. Her posts are always on point and so very encouraging. Definitely go check out Erin at Sweetness Itself if you haven't. 
4. I'm totally obsessed with Instagram! Go follow me! @simplywithasmile


  1. Erin is wonderful! Love her and her blog!

  2. I love Lauren Elizabeth because we share the same name! haha!


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