Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's Tuesday.....

The Austin Family Diary
Happy Tuesday Guys!
1. Try My Best to Get Up On Time: This is a hard one. I try my best but often times(like this morning) its super hard to get up on time. But we all know every single one of those snoozes are worth it...

2. Gotta Check the Instagram...I'm a little obsessed..#sorrynotsorry

3.Daily Vlogger Dose...I've been a YouTube addict for nearly 8 years now. If you have not found some daily vloggers to watch, look no further. So its merely out of habit that I reach to watch all three of these guys every day.  (By the way, for those who are not familar, these "vloggers"basically film their day, all day, everyday.)
Check out LeFloofTVitsjudyslife, and danandkelcieTV!

4. Get Ready...Call me crazy but I can't be productive until my hair and makeup is done. (Attire may vary, though...*ahem* "Sweat pants or yoga pants today?")

What's wrong with this coffee??
5. Liquid Gold...Come on now, it wouldn't be a SWAS post without me talking about my coffee. I have a problem and I don't plan on seeking any kind of therapy. I always start my day with a cup...there I'm done talking about it now, moving on!

6. Thank Him...I talk with some pretty amazing people everyday. I always take a moment and thank the Lord for all of them.

7. Give it Up to Him....Some of my days can be hectic. (like today.) There is no way I can make it through the day without the strength of my Savior. I look at my to-do list, and give it up to Him. After all, its His day anyway right?


  1. i love leflooftv & itsjudytime!!!! Have you watched theschuermanshow ?? love them too.

  2. #7 was inspiring and something I needed to read this morning. Thank you. :)

    Funny how fifteen minutes in the evening seems like nothing, but fifteen minutes between those two morning alarms is very important!

  3. I can't be productive without having my hair and makeup done either! Whenever I work from home I still have to get all ready in order to have a productive day!

  4. i am totally the same way if my hair and make-up aren't done then i will feel lazy the rest of the day and rather unproductive. maybe i need to set alarms for my husband that says things because he has trouble getting up too

  5. Hey there. Found you thru Kara's half way blog hop. But I can't find where to follow you at. Can you let me know where it is. Your site is a tad different from what I've seen.

    Would love a follow back. pinkowl07.blogspot.com and I have 2 blog hops going on too.

    1. Love the font used too. Can you tell me what font style it is?

    2. NVM. I found where to add you. silly me. the page didnt load completely when I commented that. :D

  6. your blog is super cute! I just started one and still need some work lol. If you want you can check out mine at heydanixo.blogspot.com

  7. Just thanking you for linking up at my blog hop (Let's Be Friends). New follower of yours on Bloglovin! Let's keep in touch-I would love to have you co-host a blog hop or something else fun!

  8. I love Judy and the Saccone-Joly family! I am addicted to watching YT vlogs.

    Founds you on the FFF blog hop. :)



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