Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Lauren and I am the girl behind the blog, Marked By Grace. If you haven't noticed already I'm a huge coffee lover! 
I'm a daughter of the King and living each day only by His grace and everlasting love! 
I love new experiences, just like this blog! I love my blog and all the wonderful people I have met. 
I'm a sucker for a comfy pair of yoga pants and a good movie, a home-body at heart. I can usually be found writing posts, headphones in, music blasted, candle burning, with a steamy cup of coffee in my hand. 
I hope you stick around and join me on this wonderful journey that the Lord has me on! It really is amazing that we all can lift each other up in prayer and be there for each other! Remember that you are beautiful and loved by a great God! 
"She is clothed with strength and dignity; She can laugh at the days to come."
Psalm 31:25


  1. Hey there! I'm stopping by from the Collective link up today to say hello! I love your blog, especially the title, and it seems as if we have a lot in common (especially the yoga pants and coffee!) I can't wait to read more! Happy Monday!


  2. Hi Lauren!

    I arrived here via the Thursday Bloglovin' linkup and I am so glad I found you! Love your blog and what I've read so far. Now following you :) Looking forward to reading more from a fellow sister in Christ :)


  3. Hey Lauren!

    #1 I have loved reading your blog lately, you are so cute!

    #2 I nominated you for a silly & fun award. Check it out here!

    Lauren @ How Beautiful Are The Feet

  4. hello! i got this email from twitter with people i should follow and you were one of them! (i know, right?) so i decided to check out your blog and love it! can't wait to read more!



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