Sunday, October 13, 2013

where my ladies at...

Well friends, this past weekend has been a little rough. After a long 30 work shift Monday-Wednesday this week, I woke up on Friday with quite the cold. It was not the best weekend. But hey, I got to spend it in bed, with Jamba Juice watching definitely made it a bit more tolerable.

As I sat in my bed this weekend surrounded by tissues, sneezing, and coughing for hours, I realized how blessed I am to be surrounded by the women I am. These ladies will laugh with me, cry with me, take me to the grocery store at any hour of the day to get Swedish Fish, and even walk around Walmart at 8am to get tissues with me. (It kinda helps when 4 of your roommates are sick with you right?) I wish I had words to say how much I love this lades. So here are a few pictures just to show it...
Trip to BJ's! 

Yogurt makes us happy! #3ouncesfree

Photo-Booth Fun! 

We are a little crazy! 

Emily, my Jamba Juice buddy! 

Don't you wish your waitressing uniform was hot like mine? 

Our campus coffee shop is pretty hipster. 


  1. How wonderful to be surrounded by such amazing friends. :-)

  2. Hey pretty lady!!!! Missed your pretty face and your sweet words! And once again.. WOOOOO SHERLOCK! xo


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