Tuesday, August 27, 2013

fall afresh...

I recently discovered this song by Jeremy Riddle, performed by Bethel Church ft. Jeremy Riddle. Wow. I mean WOW. First of all, what a beautiful song. The harmonies are spot on and it just sounds gorgeous. If that wasn't enough to have you keep listening, the lyrics are phenomenal. After I listened to it a few times, the lyrics began to speak through me. I encourage all of you to check this song out and see what the Lord puts on your heart, it will change your perspective.

My dearest Savior, 
I thank you for bringing me to this stage in life. You have worked through me in ways I never would have imagined or expected. Thank you. I ask you now to awaken my soul. You will always be my first love. You will always be first in my heart. You deserve nothing less than all of me.  Keep the fire in my heart alive for you. Blow through the caverns of my soul, pour in me to overflow. Cover my soul with your mercy and calm my heart in moments of fear and worry. In moments of uncertainty, remind me that You are in control, You love me, and You are high above it all. 

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  1. When I'm having a super stressful week, I listen to this song on repeat. It just does something to calm my spirit.


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