Tuesday, August 13, 2013

adventure met me right where i was...

I'm not a very adventurous person. Sorry, you just won't find me crawling out of a window at 3am to head off to a party or any other kind of fun-or even remotely exciting-event. I'm a huge homebody and I just don't go on any adventures. After my week in the mountains, The Lord taught me that  I need to start letting go. Start enjoying the tiny moments in life you can't ever get back. Tonight was filled with those moments. 

A rightful adventure must start with a 3 hour trip to the pool. It was the best. Especially late in the evening. And especially because we were the only ones there. 

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I will wear these sandals anywhere with anything. Even sweatpants.

Our fro-yo combos look gross, but usually that means you are doing it right. 

Mishaela, my very own adventure buddy. This wasn't taken at a red light. And no, the car next to us didn't stare at us. Not at all. 

Only proper humans would end an adventure like this with two things: pizza rolls and blasting "We Owned The Night" by Lady Antebellum. A proper end to our adventure.

I can see it. You are sitting there asking, "Lauren, what is so adventurous about that?". Well, as I sat in the pool with my dear friend Mishaela, I realized that this may be the last time I see her before I leave for college in less than 2 weeks. It may be the last time we can sit for 3 hours on pool chairs and talk giddily about life. Talk about life in a way that was different. It's changing for both of us. We are entering stages that will change our lives forever and we couldn't be more excited. We laughed so hard at things no one else would understand and shared memories that gave both of us butterflies. Mishaela is such a dear sister in Christ and I am blessed that the Lord brought her into my life. 

Sure, I didn't go hiking at sunrise. Sure, I didn't go on a safari in Africa. Sure, I didn't go skydiving. But that's okay. Because amidst the laughter, fellowship, and cannon balls into the cold water, adventure met me right where I was.


  1. love you lauren :D I'm glad we had that little adventure! here's to many more....even if the new patterns of our lives means our adventures have to change a little too. :)

  2. Adventure buddies :) Did you get those sandals from Target?? I ask because I have two pairs very similar that I LIVE in because of how comfortable they are!

  3. This sounds like the kind of adventure I would prefer, too! And I don't think the party scene is as awesome as people say, anyway. I got mixed in with that crowd in the past at one point, and it was nothing fun...mostly it was people drinking and telling puffed-up stories about other times when they drank. Not fun, in my opinion!

  4. This is wonderful! We truly need to view life itself as an adventure! :-)

  5. Adventures are different for everyone and it sounds like you had a lot of fun and that's what counts!!

  6. Adventures like that are really the best kind!


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