Tuesday, July 23, 2013


thanks to Julie for these new "currently" questions
enjoyingSpotify and sending care packages 

praying about: my journey to bible college in a month (WHAT?! A MONTH?!) 

snacking on: oddly enough, nothing

debating: if i should walk two minutes up the street for a milkshake 

reading: my Old Testament survey textbook for bible college

grateful for: new stages in life and some pretty special people

thinking about: future posts, my blogging friends

listening to: my personalized T-Swift playlist (no shame in my game) 

watching: the sun set outside my window (how picturesque right?) 

feeling: like a cold is trying to attack my system 


  1. CARE PACKAGES are where it is at! I don't know who you are sending it to.... but they are going to LOVE it!! You're going to have an AMAZING experience at Bible college! I can't wait to read about what you're learning!

  2. I am in support of the milkshake idea!

  3. The sun sets outside my bedroom window and I love it too :) Hope you are feeling better, sweetie!! xoxo

  4. Care packages are the best! And T-Swift playlists are definitely nothing to be ashamed of ;) I've jammed to her way more times than I can count. Oh, and milkshakes are ALWAYS a good idea.


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