Friday, July 12, 2013

A New Etsy Shop to Love!

Why hello there! I have a pretty exciting post for you all today! When Cheslea from A Girl Who Loved to Write contacted me last week, I was thrilled! I love her blog and her Etsy shop! Go check it out! Pretty Lovely Littles. She started crafting because her entire wedding was handmade! How totally amazing is that? She missed crafting so much that she started her own shop. It is filled with girly, pretty things that will brighten your day for an affordable cost!

I am totally in love with her leather braided anchor bracelet! I was very pleasantly surprised when I received it. I adore the color and the pendant was very simple, but still makes a statement. I can't wait to have it be a nice pop of color in a neutral outfit. The clasp was very strong and not flimsy at all! She has this bracelet available in 3 colors with 2 different anchor charm options, so you can definitely find one that you will love!

AND just for my readers, you will receive 20% off your order for the next month! Score! Just use the code "GRACE" at checkout!

Have a great Friday! Go show Chelsea some love! 

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  1. use* the code you mean. Sorry thought you may want to know about that. Yea I'm sure you're like me and are like ugh i hate when people point out errors. sorry.

    will be checking this site out and went and added her to blog.

    that's a cute bracelet.

    I wish I was creative and talented so I could some how make me money


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