Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Number FOUR

Linking up with Marquis from Simply Clarke for this fun post! 

4 Favorite Things to Do on the Weekend:

1. Sleep in

2. Coffee and Devos in Bed

3. Write and Schedule my posts for the week

4. Nights Like This

4 Favorite Things About Your Best Friends:

1. They are kind, caring, supportive, and funny
2. They put up with me!
3. We can be doing anything and still have a great time!
4. They are just as sane as I am....

4 Things You Would Do With $100,00:
1. Pay the rest of my college tuition. 
2. Donate some to my church
3. Visit all my family I haven't seen in a while.
4. DSLR Camera!!!

4 Favorite Books You've Ever Read:
1.Pure-90 Day Devotional-Rebecca St. James
2. Search For Significance-Robert McGee
3. The Book of Esther
4.Harry Potter Series-#sorrynotsorry
5. The Atonement Child-Francine Rivers

4 Favorite Snack Foods:
1.Coffee-does that even count?!?
2. Almonds
3. Coffee Ice Cream
4. Chips+Quac

4 Things You Must do Daily:
1. My daily cup o' joe
3.To-Do List
4. Thank the Lord for the day


  1. This seems fun. I just may have to do this one.

  2. who doesn't like the harry potter series?!

  3. I really enjoyed this post. Be sure to stop by and give your input on these 2 post. I'd greatly appreciate it. Would your input on this

  4. I just found your blog through the "Let's Be Friends" linkup and I'm so glad that I did!! Your Pride and Prejudice/frosting night looks almost identical to what I did this weekend haha.


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